• Congrats to our artist, Luke Zanc The Voice 2019

    Massive congratulations to our artist Luke Zanc and his recent appearance on The Blind Auditions on The Voice Australia 2019. Our Event Entertainers team were thrilled to see Luke in his element, perfoming a stunning cover of 'Skin' by Rag N Bone Man.  We are super proud to represent such great talent!  You can stream Luke's performance here or if you missed his performance you can watch it below!

    For more information on how to book Luke Zancanaro for your upcoming wedding or event, contact us via or (02) 8283 7348.


  • Offical Opening of South Eveleigh

    Event Entertainers were thrilled to present entertainment for the official opening of South Eveleigh's first two buildings, the CBA's Axle and Yerrabingin House. 

    Our entertainment featured the Duke Trio performing for guests on arrival, featuring 3 vocalists, Sax Guitar, and Bass. To officallly open the building, we provided a traditional Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony with host, Didgeridoo artist, and dancers. After the Ceremony, guests were welcomed into the venue where they were greeted by our DJ Brett Martin, accompanied by a Didgeroo performer, and Chris Gable on Sax. 

    Thank you to En Pointe Events for event design and project management.
    Thank you to Wes Nel Photography for these images.

  • Featured on Polka Dot Bride

    Event Entertainers and the Luke Zanc Trio are thrilled to have just been featured on Polka Dot Bride.  The two that got away… D and J eloped from Chicago to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where the pair celebrated an intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by a flood of sunshine, gently crashing waves and a salty breeze. Exchanging carefully chosen, affectionate words, the two embark on their next journey together – one that was worth waiting 50 years for. Sharing their first dance with sand between their toes and live music in their ears, a small picnic in this serene setting, followed by a stroll past the Sydney Opera House, was all the newlyweds needed to make their reception perfect for them.

    Lovereel’s videography team was there to capture the most special souvenir these two lovebirds could take back home – the memory of their wedding day on film.

    Photographer: Russell Stafford | WEBSITE
    Flowers: Lime Tree Bower |  WEBSITE
    Wedding Planner:  Bubbles and Bouquets | WEBSITE
    Hair & Makeup Artist: Artistry Co |  WEBSITE
    Band Luke Zanc Trio | WEBSITE


  • We have been featured on LOVE STORIES TV

    The dreamy wedding of D&J has been featured on Love Stories TV, the couple eloped from US to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where the pair celebrated an intimate wedding ceremony. The ceremony consisted of just the couple, and the live, acoustic sounds of our boys THE LUKE ZANC TRIO. We couldn't be more thrilled to of had EE artists perform for the delightful couple.


    Russell Stafford Photography

  • EE presents BIG LOVE

    Event Entertainers are thrilled to present the newest artists to join the family, BIG LOVE

    Big Love are a fresh, fun and versatile artists from Sydney Australia, featuring core artists; Sammy on vocals, and Joel on Piano, as well as an arsenal of exceptional musicians, should you need a larger band.

    Big Love boast a large and diverse musical repertoire, ranging from Pop to RnB, as well as plenty of classic hits that we all know and love. Putting their creative minds together, Big Love are able to give any song a fresh twist, to suit any theme or occasion.

    For more information or to book, contact


  • KAHUNA DUO - Live at Love At The Beach Wedding Festival 2019

    We are so thrilled to have had the wonderful KAHUNA DUO join us at Long Reef Golf Club for the Love At The Beach Wedding Festival. Check out the highlights from their performance at the fair!

    For more information about the Kahuna Duo, head to their page or contact us via

  • How to Book the Best Entertainment for Your Wedding

    There’s no worse atmosphere killer than an artist who isn’t hitting the right note with your guests. After all, these are the people who’ll make sure the party gets started – and keep it going! Today, Josephine Ison from Event Entertainers is sharing her top tips on what to ask, organise and expect from your wedding entertainment so you’re only booking the best.


    Find an artist who wants your business and is wedding-savvy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if they don’t play pubs or bars! Artists who regularly perform at weddings have a broad repertoire of music to choose from and experience managing the unexpected (like the time the bride’s uncle wanted to deliver his best rendition of *insert bad karaoke song here*).


    My hairdresser and her fiancée booked a talented musician they saw performing at their local pub, but became concerned when they hadn’t asked for a deposit or sent a formal agreement. This led to unnecessary stress as to whether the artist would show up at all!

    Going through an agency which specialises in matching couples with their entertainment provides peace of mind and ensures a proper business transaction takes place so you and your money are protected.


    They should take care of the following:

    Public Liability Insurance – This ensures all artists are covered in case of injury to themselves, and covers anyone who might trip over the equipment while shaking their groove thing (it happens!).

    Cancellation terms – If the front-man of your wedding band falls ill and can’t perform, the artist or agency should supply you with a suitable replacement.

    Sound and lighting equipment – You should have complimentary access to a wireless microphone for speeches and lighting to set the mood.

    Personal touches – Dedicated wedding artists will be happy to learn your special song choices, ensure they look the part, and above all, sound professional and amazing on the day!

    Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Sarkodie Photography


    Share some details about yourselves and your wedding plans, as well as the general demographic of your guests and their musical tastes. This will help with establishing the overall vibe across different parts of your day. Giving your artist your song selections a few weeks prior to the wedding allows them ample time to rehearse and make them sound incredible!

    They will also likely be at your venue long before and after the celebrations, so don’t forget to feed them and give them a place to rest between sets.


    On the day, leave it to the experts to deliver what you’ve paid them to do. Your band should be able to read the crowd and their taste and what’s needed to get the dance floor moving. They may make it look easy, but that’s because they live and breathe it! A dedicated wedding artist or agency will go the extra mile to ensure everything is organised and the artist’s performance is their best.


  • Should I book a wedding band?

    Look, this is a pretty personal one. Our short answer is hell yes – having a bunch of professional musicians that are completely dedicated to making sure your wedding is a fun, joyful celebration with a heaving dancefloor is always a great investment.

    But we get you might have questions about making the commitment to book a band or entertainer. So I chatted to Wedshed and kindly agreed to answer any Q’s you might have when it comes to wedding musicians, duos, bands – you name it.

    Check out our quick chat in the video above!


  • How To Choose Those Hard to Pick Wedding Songs

    The right music can magically highlight an important moment by providing the perfect atmosphere. The choice of which moments you want to celebrate (and which old traditions you’re happy to ditch), is up to you! Here’s a few hot tips to help you plan your special songs across your wedding day.

    Processional / Entrance(s) -

    You might like to consider a song for anyone special coming down the aisle, as well as the Bride or Groom to-be. Feel free to be non traditional and embrace your personality here. A romantic choice is great, but so is honouring a friend who may be walking you down the aisle.

    Signing of the Register 1st song -

    Music here is often more about the guests, as they're typically waiting and watching at this time, so feel free to bear them in mind when making your choice. Often something upbeat is surprisingly welcome here, as is a romantic or folky song choice.

    Signing of the Register 2nd song -

    We do recommend having a second choice here as often the signing takes more time than expected... making your way to the signing table, adjusting your gown, shuffling seats, getting photos, returning to the aisle, etc.    

    Recessional / Exit  -

    Again feel free to choose a much loved favourite tune! This is a chance to be upbeat and celebratory here, whilst your guests are applauding / throwing petals / hugging you madly! Often it’s great to bust straight into the chorus of your chosen tune here, as it gets straight to the heart of what is the happiest moment of your day!

    Wedding Party / Wedding Couple Entrance(s) -

    You might like to consider a song for anyone special entering the Reception, as well as the newly married couple. Again - this is a chance to be fun with your choices. The entrances are often quite short, so you may only hear the chorus of a song here, keep that in mind and pick a choice that packs a punch!

    Cutting of the Cake -

    Again, music here is often more about the guests, as they're typically waiting and watching at this time. Feel free to bear them in mind when making your choice. Often a song that alludes to Sugar, or being sweet is an obvious choice, but don't be afraid to be bold and choose something like 'Cut The Cake' by Average White Band. (check it out!).

    First Dance -

    HOT TIP 1: if you're not a "dancer" then feel free to invite your wedding party or guests to the dancefloor after the first chorus, so you're not dancing alone! :)  Often your MC is happy to jump on the mic to announce this, or your singer/DJ can do it for you.

    HOT TIP 2: If you want to BE a dancer, hook-up with a great teacher / choreographer who can make you feel at ease and help you throw in a few dazzling moves! The First Dance often also kicks off he 1st PARTY SET for your Band or DJ- so don’t be afraid to have fun with your song choice.


    Father Daughter Dance -

    A more traditional moment of the day. If you choose to do this, it's often the courtesy to ask your Father if they're keen to do it, and if they have a preferred song choice. Best to get them thinking about this sooner rather than later, as often we've found Dads leave it to the last minute to decide on a song. This is also a great song/moment to kick-off your 2nd PARTY SET for your Band or DJ.

    Bouquet Toss -

    The Bouquet Toss, which is a more traditional moment of the day, is becoming less and less common, but we still play them often, and the winner is always 'Single Ladies' by Queen 'Yonce, no question!

    Garter Toss -

    Again, another traditional moment of the day which is becoming less and less of a thing, but we often still do it. Just bear in mind it's a fine line between trying to be funny, yet tasteful... lest it become something else entirely!

    Farewell / Exit -

    Again, feel free to choose a much loved favourite tune! You may want to think about how you will want to say goodbye to your guests, and how you'll be leaving the venue. This may be a Farewell Tunnel or Goodbye Circle, for example. Or if you'd rather skip the goodbye part, make sure you pick your ultimate party tune for the last song (or two) of the night!

    Choosing songs in general

    If you've hired great musicians / DJ, be sure to ask their advice, and give them creative license. Ultimately you can always leave it to the artists to choose the best songs from their repertoire which will best fit your special moments, but be sure to highlight selections from their repertoire that are your much-loved favs and must-hear songs, too! Sharing with your musicians or DJ a list of your greatest hits, favourite artists, (or even ones you loathe) is often a great guide for Your Band/DJ to select songs across the day.

    Stay true to your tastes, whilst also considering your guests, particularly when it’s party-time! Do you want all your buds to be rocking-out to your high-school favs? Or will all your Disco-Queen Mumma and your Aunties be cutting the rug like they’re in Saturday Night Fever? You’ve put a lot of time into considering your guest list, now you want your guests to enjoy themselves. Choose a selection of your favourite hits, but be sure to think about the demographic of those who’ll be there and keen to party!

    Avoid break-up songs, and sad songs. It’s no secret that some of the greatest songs in the world are written in moments of heartache. However just because a song sounds beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s got good ju-ju on a day where you’re supposed to be celebrating life-long love. When in doubt, Google those lyrics to make sure you haven’t chosen Taylor Swift’s latest attempt at revenge against her ex-lover.

    Similarly, make a do-not-play list. Nothing is more awkward than accidentally hearing the song you & your ex used to make-out to in high school.


    Great wedding song resources

    Spotify & Apple Music playlists :  based on your tastes, is always a great way to find new songs that you didn’tknow you loved.

    Soundhound & Shazam: when you’re on the go and hear a song, and want to find out the artists name & song title for future reference.